Monday, June 29, 2009


Salam motivation for all.Syukur because you are selected register as UPSI citizen yesterday.Today.. start your orientation day with sisters and big brothers sms (sekretariat minggu suaikenal) as your facilitator assistant in manage all related not all of you feeling of fear to serve orientation week in UPSI. This is because, UPSI orientation not to abuse you intended teachers , even sms will help you to more understanding management culture student, learning and introduction journey UPSI environment with more cohesive. Make this orientation experience as a most exhilarating experience in you life as a UPSI citizen. Involve yourself fully in self development activity were being planned by sms such as LDK, sukanturahim, talent night etc. In fact, when information session is starting like a important information by PTPTN, health, academic security and rule UPSI,plz do not you last your problem solving opportunity in UPSI with sleep when briefing relayed by speaker. To me, all this information would be vital. This is because, information would not be repeated again for the second time. orientation week, this is the only your opportunity to seek and understand all important information about your life in UPSI. whatever, good luck to all of you..try to be a good student and care all procedure of ethic as UPSI citizen often judged by local community tanjong malim. Always greeting with mosque member, engage with local community and try to avoid self from trapped with any crime and sin especially. Lastly, bear in mind to make self all of you as motivation and morale burner motivator to your younger siblings on village. Must not waste all your parents sacrifice to see your success all this while. wassalam...see you.

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